Charitable Trust

Crieff Highland Gathering's Charitable Trust

People often ask the directors of Crieff Highland Gathering Ltd what happens to the money that is raised at Crieff Highland Gathering. The truth is that Games Day is budgeted to break even, so usually there is no money raised. However, if we are fortunate enough to make a profit in any year, that profit is channelled into the Crieff Highland Gathering Trust, which is a Registered Scottish Charity (No. SC027191).

The Trust’s constitution states “The Trust shall be established as a Charity for the public benefit to advance the education of the public and particularly the inhabitants of Crieff and Strathearn in Scottish and Highland culture, history and genealogy.”

These charitable purposes are fairly broad ranging, and enable the Trustees to use the Trust funds to invest in facilities and equipment that will continue to improve the cultural festival that is Crieff Highland Gathering. Recently, Trust funds have been used to develop a new Crieff Highland Gathering tartan.

The Trust also uses its income to support individuals and organisations who have shown an interest in learning about and promoting highland culture. If any readers feel that they would eligible for a grant/donation from the Crieff

Highland Gathering Trust, please contact the Trustees via the secretary. Details are available on the website,

People who have benefited from the Trust

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    Amelia & Kiki Pagett                         Emma MacGregor