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Market Park Needs Analysis Undertaken

The Crieff Highland Gathering Committee has undertaken a needs analysis for a new facility for Market Park to provide a Highland Games training centre, support the annual Gathering event along with becoming an all year-round facility for the Crieff Community.

The work was undertaken by PMR Leisure at the beginning of the year with the study complete in early March.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic we did not feel appropriate to promote the findings to the wider community at the time or move the project forward.

We feel that as we head towards this winter, and having undertaken a review of these early recommendations it is time for us to move forward and feel positive about the future of the Gathering and our Community.

We therefore are delighted to announce that the Highland Gathering Committee are taking forward the initial work to stage two feasibility in the early new year.

The key findings from stage one clearly identifies that Market Park could provide a facility which could become an international training facility for Highland Games and a fantastic hub for the community.  Having consulted many of our community organisations we feel that we have identified a potential facility which, can become a hub for health, wellbeing and sport for our whole community to enjoy.  Our findings clearly identify some key organisations who wish to call Market Park their new home or provide them with additional facilities to enable them to grow.  We clearly see we can provide for gaps in provision and will not compete with existing organisations as we take the project forward.

In these times of uncertainty sustainability for all voluntary organisations is essential and we are very clear that we will not build a facility which is not sustainable and provide additional resources to our community.

We are excited to move forward and will post over the next few weeks more information from our stage one report and set out how we intend to move to stage two of this project in early 2021.